A bike fitting is the art and science of successfully joining a rider and a bicycle to achieve a comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe union of human and machine.

Who needs a bicycle fitting?

Everyone who rides a bike needs a fitting!   Whether you are a recreational rider or in the pro peloton, your equipment must fit, just like your running shoes or ski boots must fit in order to be comfortable, perform well and prevent injury.  Because we have three points of contact with a bike (hands, feet, seat), you can triple the importance of getting the right fit.  Set up properly, every rider will have a better experience. Set up poorly, most will be in pain!

Why do we fit bicycles to riders?

Frankly, we want you to enjoy cycling as much as you possibly can.  Many cyclists have fallen head over heels in love with our sport without the benefit of properly fitted equipment or instruction quite common to other sports such as golf, tennis and skiing.  Cycling involves a unique interaction of rider and equipment; the bike should feel like an extension of our body.  Because cycling is a learned skill, we may not always choose the

best position, just like we might not naturally grip a golf club properly, or carve a ski turn without being taught how to do it.  Oakley Cycles has the equipment and the training to help you get started the right way, or to improve upon your current fit.

What is the perfect fit?

The perfect fit is comfortable.  It facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. It allows the rider to easily breathe and deliver oxygen to the hard-working muscles.The rider can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike.  The body is in alignment; the body and bike become one.

How is the perfect fit achieved?

Most fitting systems apply static body measurements to a formula or computer software to come up with an “ideal position,” based on averages; not unlike “ideal body weights” published by insurance firms. At Fifty West Cycling, we practice the Serotta International Cycling Institute method of fitting, which takes fitting to a more refined and accurate level.

Consider identical twins with identical skeletal measurements.  Mr. Skeleton is a couch potato.  Mr. Muscles is an elite triathlete. Is it likely that they would be comfortable or efficient in the same position?  Of course not.

Each rider brings his or her own “personal blueprint” to the bike determined by the rider’s unique history:  lifestyle, goals, fitness level, body type, flexibility, range of motion, riding experience, past injuries, surgeries and current physical concerns.  Our fitting process begins with an extensive interview and then progresses to measurements, a physical assessment and a dynamic, on your bike positioning or on our fully adjustable Serotta Size Cycle, beginning with the feet and traveling up the body (your kinetic chain) to the head and hands.  We apply sound principles of bio-mechanics to your unique blueprint to tailor the position just for you.