All of our Service Packages are inclusive, meaning there is no extra charges or fees for installing a part or accessory while your bike is in service.   We guarantee all adjustments for 30 days after the service is performed.


True wheels, adjust hub bearings

Check tire condition and pressure

Inspect frame for damage, wear and defects

Inspect chain for wear / lubricate

Inspect / replace cables as needed

Adjust Brakes

Adjust Shifting

Adjust headset bearings

Light clean frame and wheels

Check torque on all bolts and fasteners

Road test



Signature service plus

Disassemble and clean bottom bracket bearings

Disassemble and clean drive train

Clean frame and wheels



Comprehensive service plus

Complete disassembly and cleaning of all bicycle components including bearings

Replace all cables, chain, and grip tape

Clean, polish, and apply rust preventative to frame