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Off the Beaten Path

Located just off the Little Miami Scenic trail at the corner of Wooster Pike and Newtown Road, Fifty West Cycling Company (formerly Oakley Cycles) is a full service bicycle shop, that also offers fittings, rides, rentals, as well as bikes for the whole family.  Our prices are extremely competitive.

Here, we believe that every bike is a journey, so enjoy the adventure!

The Fifty/Fifty Challenge

This is a unique event, created to get people of all skill levels, and to challenge them to complete 100 miles at their own pace on their own date in 24 hours or less.  In this event, cyclists will choose their own date to ride 100 miles. There’s no registration, and...

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Bicycle Service Menu

All of our Service Packages are inclusive, meaning there is no extra charges or fees for installing a part or accessory while your bike is in service.   We guarantee all adjustments for 30 days after the service is performed. SIGNATURE SERVICE   $90 True wheels,...

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Road Bikes and Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes on Road bikes? As disc brakes are appearing on more and more road bikes, I’d like to shed a little light from my experience on the subject. The most common question is why would I want to have disc brakes on my road bike?   Disc brakes have made tremendous...

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Welcome to For the Record

Welcome to For the Record, our new web log feature, for news and commentary about all things (plus more) cycling related! This Wednesday November 2nd, at 7:00pm, we will host an Emergency Road Repair Clinic.  This video does a pretty good job of explaining how to...

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Fifty West Cycling Company

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